Sodium Silicate (Liquid)

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Chemical FormulaeNa2O.xSiO2

  • AppearanceLiquid

  • ColourLight Yellow Liquid

  • Molecular Weight184-254

Sales Specification

Particular 1:2.00 1:2.60 1:3.20
Specific Gravity 1.56 – 1.66 t 1.52 – 1.55 1.38 – 1.41
Boume 51 - 55 47 - 49 39 – 41
Na2O 15.50 – 16.50% 11.50 – 12.50% 8.50 – 9.50%
SiO2 31.0 – 33.0% 31.0 – 33.50% 28.0 – 30.0%
Weight Ratio 1:2.00+/-0.1 1:2.60 +/-0.1 1:3.20 +/-0.1
Molar Ratio 2.0+/-0.05 2.60+/-0.5 3.20 +/-0.5


Packing: Available MS Drums, Full Tanker Load, and also
in Bulk Shipping.

  • Ratio

    The chemical composition of soluble silicates can be identified by the following formula: (SiO2)x (Na2O). Generally silicates are identified by the SiO2 : Na2O ratio. It has become practice in the silicates industry to characterize the chemical composition of the silicates in terms of both weight ratio and molar ratio.

    Since the molar weights of SiO2 and Na2O are almost the equivalent (60, resp. 62) only a small difference exists between the molar ratio and the weight ratio for a given sodium silicate.

    The factors for converting from weight ratio to molar ratio for both sodium as follows:

    - sodium silicate : 1.033 x wt ratio

    We normally expresses ratios on a weight basis.

  • Density

    At a given ratio, the density of a solution is defined by the concentration or total solids content. The higher the ratio, the lower the density at a given concentration. In the silicates industry, density has long been expressed in degrees Baumé which can be converted to specific gravity using the following formula:

    S.G. = 145 / (145 - Be)

    Our measurements of density are made at a standard temperature of 20° C. The density of a silicate solution is inversely proportional to temperature: as temperature increases, density decreases.

  • Viscosity

    The viscosity of a sodium silicate solution is a function of concentration, density, ratio and temperature. The viscosity strongly increases with increasing ratio. High ratio solutions will increase in viscosity until they become semisolid.

    Comparison of viscosity at constant solids content at different ratios shows that silicate solutions are at a minimum viscosity at 2.00 weight ratio.

    Viscosity increases as the weight ratio of the sodium silicate product becomes either more siliceous or more alkaline

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